For some, Christmas is a magical time of year, and lights add to the glow. Stringing lights up on your roof is a way to add to the Holiday festivities. Still, if you’re not careful, it could cause bodily and property damage.

In order to help you have a safer but still brighter Christmas season, we’ve put together a few helpful tips to decorate your roof while bearing safety in mind.

Place Heavy Decorations Somewhere Else

The thought of Santa and his eight reindeer on top of your home is a cute idea. But considering the weight of the jolly old man, maybe the ground would be a safer landing spot. Be careful about how much weight you place on your roof, as it could poke holes or damage the surface.

Use a Ladder, Not Magic, to Climb Up

You might be tempted to climb up your roof and walk around when hanging your lights. Walking on your roof could damage its shingles, causing them to lose granules or come loose. Furthermore, working in winter weather elements could create slipping dangers. It would be better to use a ladder to access your connection points.

Poke Holes in the Advent Calendar, Not Your Roof

A surefire way to need a roof replacement is to poke holes in your existing one. Poking a hole into your roof guarantees moisture, and you’ll invite a roofing contractor over to patch things up. While hanging Christmas lights, signs, or décor, do not use nails or other punctures. Instead, use any of the available plastic clips explicitly designed for hanging lights safely.

Consider a Professional

When handling issues with your roof, it might be best to call in the professionals or at least get help. Having a buddy to hold the ladder or retrieve dropped items will make the process safer and ensure a more joyous Holiday season. After all, nobody wants to sip eggnog from a hospital bed.

If you incur seasonal damage from hanging decorations or the dreaded winter weather, call in an experienced roofing company. Rees Restoration has been serving Indiana homeowners with more than 20 years of experience as preferred roofing contractors. Give us a call for a free quote.