Summer Roofing Problems

While summer is a great time to relax, it can also be when you encounter roofing problems. If you want to avoid unexpected roofing problems, you should learn of the most common issues. 

As an experienced roofing contractor, we have completed a wide range of roof repair services during the summer. This article will cover the top summer roofing problems and what you can do to fix them.

Cracked Roofing Shingles

When exposing older roofing shingles to extreme heat, there is a possibility they can crack and break. Cracked and damaged shingles offer weak protection that could result in costly water damage.

In some cases, a cracked roofing shingle will detach from the roof, leaving an exposed area. Once exposed, the area can be damaged by water or be an area for mold growth. If you notice a cracked shingle, you should contact an experienced roofer.

Moss Growth

If you live in a damp or shaded area, there is a bigger risk of moss growing on your home's roofing system. While it may seem like moss adds a charming look, it can trap moisture and cause mold growth.

A roofing cleaning service will prevent the moss from damaging the underlying materials of the roof. Roofing companies utilize a special solution that eliminates the moss spores and leaves your roofing system looking good as new.

Storm Damage

Unlike the other damage on this list, storm damage is the most unexpected damage that can be very stressful. A sudden weather event can leave your roofing system with missing shingles and other damage.

Some of the most common storm damage options are:

  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Ice Damage

If your property is affected by storm damage, you should not hesitate to contact a roofing company. The longer you wait to contact a roofer, the bigger risk for further damage.

Pest Infestation

One of the most frightening types of roofing damage is a pest infestation in your home. When there is an opening in your roofing system, a pest like mice, raccoons, or possums can enter the home. 

Along with contacting your local pest control specialist, you will also need a roofer to repair the opening. A professional roofing contractor will ensure no pests enter the roof again.

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