Winds, hail or a tornado just ripped through our neighborhood……What next?  There is a lot of information available out there on the best way of proceeding with an insurance claim.  As an industry leader, committed to excellence and customer service, here are our recommendations:

  1. Contact Rees Restoration for your free onsite inspection.
  2. If recommended by a Rees Representative to file a claim do so via your carrier’s 800 number or online portal.
  3. Inform your carrier that you insist on having Rees Restoration onsite during their initial inspection.
  4. Your Rees Rep will do a thorough walk through with the insurance adjuster advocating in your best interest.  The insurance process is not a “game” as often referred to, this is a legal contract that has a lot of factors involved.  We are the professionals you want on your side.
  5. Indicate that you would like your insurance itemization and all correspondence to be shared with Rees.  This is an important step in case reinspection or involvement of legal recourse is needed.
  6. At this point the scope is defined, and your Rees Representative will advise you on the best products and services to get your property and your life back to normal.

The process can be convoluted when you don’t have the right advocate on your side.  Please read our reviews on Google and our website for testimonials of 100’s of people who have made the right choice and followed this process to their delight.  Best of luck!  We are sorry to meet under the circumstances but look forward to getting things back to normal for you and your property expeditiously.