Regular Roofing Inspections

It's recommended that property owners get an annual or, even, semi-annual roof inspection. Most property owners wonder why they should bother to get their roof inspected so often. After all, it can take a few hours and leave your wallet a little lighter.

A thorough roof inspection by a trained and certified expert can catch issues that would have gone unnoticed and potentially lead to greater damage. Property owners should even consider getting regular roof inspections starting from year one on a new roof.

Get Roof Inspections Early to Identify Manufacturer's Defects

People often overlook the need to get their brand-new roof checked out for potential defects in the materials used or in their contractor's workmanship. Poorly installed roofs can lead to a lot of property damage down the road. If you can catch these problems early, they'll be fixed under warranty, which save you hassle and expense.

There are a number of potential roofing defects can you can have fixed under warranty before they cause damage to the rest of your home. Some of these roofing issues can include:

  • Punctures in a flat roofing membrane
  • Blisters in the membrane of a mod-bit roof
  • Open seams along the roofing membrane
  • Poorly installed roofing systems
  • Incorrect type of flashing used with the roofing system

Some roofing defects don't become obvious for up to a few years after roof installation. So, it's important to get the roof regularly inspected each year. Even going so far as hiring a third-party roofing company in the Central Indiana area can ensure an objective assessment. That way, you'll be able to tackle covered defects and poor workmanship as soon as possible.

Everything from Wear and Tear to Storm Damage

Of course, it's also important to get your Central Indiana home or business property inspected to check for damage from the elements and pests. Even though roofing systems are designed to stand up to the weather, extreme winds, storm, and hail can cause minor to major damage. A lot of minor damage isn't noticeable from the ground and can be missed by property owners on visual inspection, too.

Some of the most common storm damage caught by the roofing contractor can include:

  • Lifted and curled shingles
  • Torn and missing shingles
  • Water leaks inside the building
  • Dents and divots in shingles
  • Missing granules from asphalt shingles
  • Standing water on the roof
  • Mold and mildew growth on roof and in attic

Get Started with a Roof Inspection on Your Central Indiana Home

Looking for a BBB-accredited and A+ rated roofing company in Central Indiana to provide a roof inspection? We have trained and certified professionals who are able to identify damage to all kinds. We'll also help you determine if it is time for a roof replacement.

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